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Claus Diers
Profile, philosophy & references


For 30 years, I have been a corporate consultant, trainer and coach.
In April 2016 I sold my previous consulting company to a successor.

After completing my training to become an industrial buyer, I studied business administration/economics, communication and aesthetics with a focus on German, linguistics and literary studies, and business studies/politics with a focus on history and pedagogy, in Hamburg and Bremen – with German State exams. My postgraduate studies were in Psychology and Coaching.

Continuous further training through attending obligatory seminars from the educational event planners of the German industry. Training and coaching of almost all common topics in communication research, with a special interest in consciousness and brain research and professional coaching. Many publications in the consultancy sector.
For 20 years, I have trained participants in “International Leadership”, among other things, with recognition from the state.

I am probably one of the few consultants, trainers and coaches who have been passionately interested in the topics of “New Work”, “Agile Management”, “VUCA World” and Digitisation from the start, keeping abreast of them through my own research. I am continually researching these topics, collaborating with several networks and universities.

I have been a consultant, trainer & coach in (almost) all classic areas for 30 years.
Now I would like to limit myself exclusively to a maximum of 4 pilot projects in the field of “agility”.

In addition to my mainstream further education courses, I have gone through advanced training in Analytical Psychology at the CG Jung Society in Cologne.
I am currently studying “Biocentrism” by Robert Lanza.


“… how you deal with yourself – is how you deal unconsciously with others – and how they deal with you …” – this principle has by now gained special significance as part of the “Agile Mindset”, with considerably more focus.

Agility is not just about flexibility, self-responsibility and leadership on an equal footing; rather, it focuses on the meaningfulness of a decision and action. Instead of viewing things from the customer’s perspective, companies like to project what makes sense for the customer.
However, the agile mentality demands precisely an unconditional focus on the customer’s point of view and the removal of one’s own projections for the sake of the customer.

At myConsult we subscribe to the humanist view of mankind and proceed from the assumption that every person holds potential in themselves and seeks a space in which to fulfil this.

In doing this, we help companies at every systemic level with our offering on agile topics.

We work exclusively in a tailor-made, respectful and sustainable way and also continually allow ourselves to reflect carefully.
The constant “changeability” associated with this is an essential demand of ours, especially in these times of “VUCA” and “Agile Leadership”. We make this demand a reality through interacting with our clients and participants face to face.

We also bring in our life experiences as consulting partner, trainer and coach through our own examples.

We work undogmatically and with a strong focus on finding solutions.

In this regard, we always enjoy the wonderful phrase “Our heads are round – so our thoughts can change direction” by Francis Picabia (1879-1953), the French writer, painter and graphic artist.


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