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Agile leadership in an ever-more-quickly changing world.

Constantly changing paths and processes. Uncertainty in forecasts and little certainty in planning.

Ever more complex-seeming contexts. Subtle influencing factors.

Constantly increasing pace of developments and decisions.

Hardly any role models, few benchmarks.

Reconsider existing thought, decision-making and operational structures? Rely more on employees and build up “creativity on an equal footing”? Let go and yet still steer and play a moderating role?

How is this all going to happen?


As a top executive, you have paved the way right to the very top and are successful.

You also notice the new demands of “agile leadership” in your company and want to reflect on yourself and your leadership behaviour and examine whether you make the most of your resources and abilities.

To ensure that self-reflection and further development is still possible at a high level, top executives like you are in need of honest feedback. As your position increases, you get this less and less often, since your employees and fellows are increasingly tactical in their dealings with you. With your Executive Coach (Agility), you get honest feedback and gain a true sense of how your self-image aligns with your public image.

You swiftly keep or gain the necessary assurance for far-reaching decisions, despite an extreme work load and high pressure of expectation. You gain clarity and strengthen your trust – in yourself and in others. Your coach enables you to generate the power for an accurate situation analysis and to communicate even unpopular measures with confident clarity.


As your coach, we support you with great integrity and cross-industry experience in accordance with ICF principles. With your Executive Coach (Agility), taking into account your own – perhaps unfinished – thoughts and feelings, you will build up an inventory of the most important challenges. Cultivating trust and allaying fears, for example, are the kind of challenges that we have probably paid too little attention to in our day-to-day. Our own wishes and development opportunities should be acknowledged, recognised and implemented efficiently.

Solutions and instruments that are specially developed for your requirements give you a powerful and charismatic way of implementing those opportunities for development that have been identified. Your coach is guaranteed to always be available for this – even outside the normal schedule. You are welcome to contact us personally, by e-mail, SMS, a discreet platform or, of course, by telephone. Our clients are constantly reporting experiences where, in addition to the professional enrichment acquired, they often gain a starkly changed view of communication and their own demands on life. It is precisely this demand that arises which ensures long-term success and lasting protection against burnout!

The advantages and successes you will gain through having a dedicated Executive Coach (Agility)

  • Sharpened perception of the self and one’s public image
  • True skill in dealing with one’s self-image/external image
  • Managing your own person
  • Agile core competence
  • Integrative alignment with the current demands on leadership
  • Expansion and enrichment of one’s leadership skills
  • Adaptation of the most important themes of “Agile Leadership”
  • Expansion of one’s existing skills for vision and strategy
  • Ability to recognise and override projections
  • Awareness of one’s own share in some external problems
  • A resulting stark reduction in being pushed for time and stress
  • Sustained strengthening of analysis and decision-making skills
  • Significant development of resilience
"The things I can't stand about myself –
I'll pin on somebody else!"
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