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Agile reflection on one's own patterns of behaviour

Everyone has the unquestioned impression that he knows himself.

Sometimes, however, one cannot explain what one’s environment echoes back and wonders if one has not possibly played one’s own part in these echoes that are experienced. “When it’s groundhog day over and over again,” this is often an occasion for Personal Coaching (Agility). To possess this openness at all, and to ask oneself, “What could this possibly have to do with me?” is already an essential foundation for the Coaching (Agility)’s success.


First take a look inside…
Personal Coaching (Agility), in contrast to all other coaching programmes, always involves a concentrated look inside to one’s own motives, behavioural patterns and drivers.

The exploration of one’s own patterns of behaviour is often confused with a “strengths and weakness analysis”, but we would like to distance ourselves from that. “Weaknesses” are nothing other than unconscious strengths. Strengths are consciously made patterns or values. It is this consciousness of one’s own values that enables one to deal with them more strongly, rather than unconsciously “calling out into the woods”. Unconscious behaviour will always return echoes that one cannot comprehend. The success of Personal Coaching (Agility) lies precisely in dealing with these identified patterns without the need for evaluation or condemnation, and in not calling them weaknesses.

If, through the Coaching (Agility), one gains an essential awareness of one’s own motives for one’s daily behaviour, then these become “values”. These values form the basis of one’s own personality. Now they can be translated with agility into targeted actions.

Knowing your own values ​​makes you strong and self-confident. One is no longer in a state of surrender to oneself, wondering about the echoes. You can act with self-confidence, because you’re always getting to know yourself better and better.

…then act outwardly!
Such behaviour is considered to be authentic and honest. A personality with such a sharpened profile is generally much more strongly accepted and valued by the outside world – one enjoys following it.

myConsult has developed a communication philosophy that is capable of making each person aware of their own patterns and motives. This philosophy is implemented in the Coaching (Agility) as well as in the day-to-day practice of one’s professional or daily life. With absolute awareness, one takes notice of the projections of one’s environment and, of course, one’s own accusations towards oneself and others. Then one translates these echoes that are experienced into a way of gaining awareness of one’s own patterns and motives.

This agile process is easy to apply! One lives with agile self-responsibility.

In a matter of seconds, insights are gained about mutual sensibilities, the different drivers and the resulting solutions for oneself or for negotiating partners in general. Indeed, this agile procedure then also demands a certain level of self-responsibility from the coach in their own right. Likewise, a flexibility in dealing with patterns that are opposed to previous ones. This agile aspect makes our Personal Coaching (Agility) so successful.

One is always amazed at how quickly one can recognise and positively see through oneself and others. However, this ability must not be exploited. It is to be used respectfully and cautiously!

It is always successful.


  • Ability to apply our communication philosophy
  • Perspective on one’s own patterns of behaviour and motives
  • Dismantling of beliefs that are blocking you
  • Clear recognition of one’s own values
  • Profiling through value-based thinking and action
  • Positive “seeing through” the motives of others
  • Extreme reduction in being pushed for time and stress through “perspective”
  • Strengthened resilience
  • Authentic demeanour
  • Charismatic public image
  • Inner assurance
  • Insight into the “essential core” of one’s own personality
  • Strong improvement in one’s interpersonal abilities and outward appearance
Agile principle of self-responsibility: "How you deal with yourself is how you deal unconsciously with others, and how they deal with you"
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