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On a daily basis, you bear the full responsibility for the strategic implementation of company objectives.

As a leader, you moderate the work of your key players laterally and hierarchically.

Moderate the “inner team” of your own personality too! After all, how you deal with yourself also influences the way you deal with others.

Together with your coach, you will work out and determine your positioning. Together you will look for themes that make sense for you and also help the company. These describe one’s own USP – but also one’s own desires.

This determination of positioning is an essential part of the Agile Approach. Your existing “mode of being” is not reinforced – rather, your coach looks with you at exactly those places where, up until now, you have perhaps not been appreciative enough with yourself. The coach wants to bring the coachee onto an equal footing with him.

Only those who respect and appreciate themselves with agility and self responsibility can also do this with others. However, for this, a fundamental, agile assessment of the appreciation that one is ready to give to oneself is needed. Burnout or similar symptoms can be good indications of a need to improve one’s behaviour with oneself. Such symptoms contradict the agile mindset.


“What would I be if I no longer only had to have to do things  –  but also wanted to want to do things?!”

There is hardly a more frequently asked question that we get from experienced executives. However, we must advance the formulation of this question through Coaching (Agility).

Most executives are thus imprisoned by their sense of duty and, according to their own words, get “deadlocked”  –  they barely have any hope of ever “breaking free from this grindstone”.

What is often just lacking here is a perspective on one’s own agile life and professional focus. Here we help with a mutual agile orientation on the “essential”, in the truest sense of the word. New courage, new motivation and, above all, strength arise as a matter of priority out of this agile orientation towards one’s own perspectives. Once these are found, you once more feel autonomous and not just driven. You will be happy to take responsibility for the company’s obligations and implement these –  because you can link them to your own wishes and to your own philosophy about the role of a responsible leader.

You also recognise the agile responsibility for yourself and for your life. Now it is much easier to link all areas together and to thereby connect the obligatory with the optional.


Once you have been able to once again draw on the core of your personality and have established real contact with your own desires – then you are motivated enough to focus with concentration on implementation.

Problem-solving and decision-making skills are refreshed and brought up to speed.

You will learn the agile way of working for leading on an equal footing and will let yourself be relieved by your team – where appropriate.

Analytical consideration of current trends and, above all, of intuitively perceived motivations for action in yourself and others is the focus of daily implementation of decisions.

Do not just react – live agile leadership

No more merely reacting to external demands. Rather, it’s about taking these external demands on in order to go within oneself and examine what is really appropriate for one’s own motives and the needs of the company. Share with others and take a vote – create a community. Don’t simply answer out of duty, or because that’s what’s expected of you. Inquire after personal opinion and work together to create something that relates to the company’s goal. That is when orientation and capacity to act come into being!

This self-responsible, agile perspective is the basic prerequisite for integrating the customer’s point of view. An agile manager certainly knows exactly what he wants for himself and his company – but he will then also address, with thorough focus, what brings value to each customer and will know, thanks to the previously undertaken actual-state analysis of both himself and his company, how he is going to bring interests together, with agility, for the good of both the customer and his own company. This usually creates a very relaxed atmosphere and corresponds absolutely to the agile principle.

How often do we simply react – especially to the expectations of representatives of superior hierarchical levels – without first going into ourselves and developing and sharing a correct agile analysis of the purpose of the matter.

You will develop all the necessary skills for this with us.


  • Clarity about your own inner team of motives, values ​​and desires
  • Feeling a “life purpose” again
  • Raising consciousness of your own USP again
  • Positive and committed integration of the obligatory and the optional – new motivation!
  • Professionalising your problem-solving and decision-making skills and agile leadership
  • Successfully implementing agile leadership in your professional working life
  • Thinking and acting in terms of value for the customer
  • Gaining an orientation towards the essential in all areas
  • Every day creating, enriching and reconciling a checklist on target clarification
  • Agile ability to negotiate, both bilaterally and in groups, through your own internal clarity
  • Stronger relationship and social skills
  • A more welcome, more strategic partner, warts and all
  • Clear improvement in resilience
  • Reduction in being pushed for time and stress through clear motivation and focus
"No longer just have to have to do things, but also be free to want to do things!"
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